Aluminium CNC drilling milling and cutting machining for window and door profiles

how to manufacture aluminium window and door

Our brandnew HSM-ALU 3000 and HSM-ALU 6000 aluminium CNC drilling milling and cutting machines can make 3 axis processes on different aluminium profiles. Let me explain a little bit more about the HSM-ALU 3000, the maximum length of the aluminium profiles for the CNC process is 3000 mm. 4 clamps are available to fix the aluminium profiles on the machine table. One loading stadion is available with an dust extraxtion and a cooling unit is available for the router. A high quality spindle with 11 kw power is the heart of the machine.  It is clear and a fact no other competiton company can manfuacture this quality with unbelievable fair prices in the global market.


The brandnew HSM-ALU 6000 has enough place to process 6000 mm long aluminium profiles. Two loading stations are available to save more time. During the milling or drilling process of the first aluminium profile, the operator can load the second aluminium profile on the machine, so the HSM-ALU 6000 do not need to wait for the fixing of the next aluminium profile. It will continue the programm without a waiting process. 8 clamps are available to fix the 6000 mm long aluminium profiles on the machine table. A Panasonic CNC control unit is controling the machining process very easy. A cam programm is enough to load the datas on the Panasonic control unit to start the aluminium profile cnc machining process.



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