Aluminium profile cutter


Aluminium profile cutter with the best saw blade in the world which promise to his users zero tolerance during the aluminium profile cutting process. We as Baertec are even not accepting 0.1 mm tolerance. We are only accepting zero mistakes on our machines and sawblades. This technology you can find only by Baertec Machines. Our 5 tons heavy special machine with a patented technology allows us to manufacture machines with zero tolerance during the aluminium profile cutting machine that means perfect aluminium profiles for your manufacturing line and in the same time you can use the sawblades much longer then regular saw blades from the local market with tolerance problems. Unbelievable hardest materials from Luxemburg Europe and our own technology of an 5 tons heavy machines are making the guarantee for you that you are purchaching the best cutter in the world for the professional industry. At least please ask for the price of our machines so that you see that best quality must not be more expensive then other competitor companies. We as Baertec want to give you the best service with the best quality and the best prices for the best satisfaction of our customers. Be a Baertec customer and with every cut your company will save money. How? Your cutting results will be great, the sawblades agelife will be 4 times longer as regular sawblades in the market and sharping services will be out of service for you.


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