Aluminium profile cutting milling drilling crimping bending machine


Aluminium profiles cutting drilling milling or crimping is easy with BAERTEC. You want to cut aluminium profiles with drilling milling and crimping process. Here by Baertec you can find all of them with guarantee best quality and acceptable prices. We as Baertec manufacturing machines scince 1973 with a great perfectionism, during the manufacturing process we make different test before using of the spareparts. A history of 40 years with a big experience is coming with us for our partners and customers. Baertec machines are only professinal machines for the professional industry. You paying only one time and by every using of our machines your company will spend money by using professional tools for the real industry. Best quality products which you can use much longer means 4 times longer by using hardest steel material from Luxemburg Europe. The shock in a positive way will come be using the Baertec machines  with the best prices offerns which we are offering to all of our customers.


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