Aluminium saws with Money Back Guarantee


Aluminium saws to cut aluminium profiles need a Baertec cutting machine which works with electricity and pneumatic pressure of 6 bar from a air compressor. With our machines you can work with the highest security standarts with a 100% professional feeling. Our highest quality sawblades specialy made in Germany are going trough a special Baertec test control test before we sending it to our customers. Baertec development stand for the highest quality machines in the Turkey, because we are the first aluminium sawing machine manufacturer in the turkish market. A lot of different companies have always copied our developed technology, but there is a difference between knowledge and simply copy and Baertec customers want to know and not a copying system. If you find a cheaper machine of our model 2AC550, we are ready to pay your money back. Baertec is offering his cheapest price for best quality guarantee by this product 2AC550.

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