How to manufacture aluminium window and door with windows machinery

how to manufacture aluminium window and door

Baertec is manufacturing aluminium window door machines scince 1973. The aluminium window and door profiles are 6000 mm long and first of all you need a cutting machine to cut different sizes of the aluminium profiles. Here you can use a manual cutting machine which is used by hand or an automatic cutting machine which can cut the aluminium profiles himself. The next step is an copy router machine which can open different holes and canals in the aluminium profiles to fix and handle or to open a keyhole. If the window has an middle profile you need a milling machine for the end milling process of the aluminium profiles, hereby you can mill the ends of the aluminium profiles to fix it with screws on the middle of the window. As next you need to make a quadrat and for this you need to fix the corners of the aluminium window or door, hereby you can use a hydraulic corner crimping machine for an automatic process or you can fix the corners also with an handtool and screws. Some machine manufacturers are manufacturing also pneumatic corner crimping machines, but this is only a cheating of the machine users. The hydraulic cylinders has 6 tons craft thhe pneumatic cylinders only 300 kg and this will be not enough for an stabile window and door frame.

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