Pvc aluminium wood window door machine equipment

Ppvc-aluminium-wood window-door-machine-equipment

Pvc aluminium wood window door machine equipment

Pvc aluminium wood window door machine equipment, window door machine, pvc window machine, aluminium window machine, wood window machine, pvc windows machinery it has a lot of names call it how you want, but only with Baertec will you have a personal engineer for your projects right from the start. He or she will provide you the best steps in your business, from the start until to an endless business door, which will never close again.

Why? Because Baertec is manufacturing highest quality machines, which you can find on the market for fair prices. With our engineers and montage team which has more then 20 years experience, which has been assembling machines with their youngest team member for at least 15 years. 15 years every day assembling machine parts and machines has something to say.

A lot of companies has no 15 years history for hisself, even if they write they are here scince 100 years, Baertec is manufacturing scince 1973 machines in Bursa and was the first windows a window machinery manufacturer in Turkey. A lot of our old staffs has start to manufacture windows machinery himself, so in Bursa Turkey a lot of companies were opened and closed again, but Baertec is still here, because we was always focused to increase or quality, short delivery times and an excellent service from the beginning until to the After Sales Service at incredibly fair prices for our customers.



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