Pvc plastic frame windows are not good for our healthness


Aluminium window is used specially in hot countries, because it is a hard material and an metall, pvc profiles can bend when the sun is to hot. Aluminium windows are also more heathfull then pvc plastic frame windows. Everybody has children and we wish for our children only the best, when our familymembers are looking out of the window and if the babys comes with there mouth on the pvc plastic profiles which are mixed in big mixers with different materials which makes also cancer it will be a bad situation, so it is from us Baertec always recommended to use wood or aluminium frames for manufacturing window and doors. Cheap solutions like pvc window frames are in the first step a cheap way, but it can destroy our healthness. When you go to the holidays and if you close all the windows of your house and you come back after the holidays, an odor will be in the air this is the gas effect of the pvc plastic profiles when the sun is shining of the pvc window frames. So if you love your family and if you have the money try to use firstly natural materials like wood without a chemical coating on the wood profiles, otherwise it will be the same like an pvc plastic profile. As next you can use an aluminium profile window which can stand for a long time without any maintain like wood which needs every year a chemical maintain agains cold weather and sun effects. We as Baertec are manufacturing pvc and aluminium processing machines because we are following the global market requirements. We as Baertec see it as an obligation for mankind and for nature to enlighten everyone regarding plastic products. We can not change the market requirements of cheap flats and houses for everyone, but we can give our 40 years long experience on this market to everyone. It’s up to you to make an choise about pvc or aluminium machines for your customers which will buy windows and doors from your window manufacturing company.

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