Upvc windows industry factory project cost

Máquina de corte de aluminio pvc

What is the cost of a upvc windows industry project cost?

It depends on the investment you want to do! You can start with portable machines which includes the model DKP400 singe head mitre saw cutting machine to cut the profiles in the length you need. The second step is to open holes and canals in the upvc profiles for the window accessory you want to use for your window projects, hereby we recommend an Copy Router Machine 2FR001.

As next you need a portable welding machine OTM02 so that you can make a welding process of the corners, hereby the moleculars of the pvc material will make an fusion by 210-270 hot temperature. The temperature depends on the quality of the upvc profile, if the plastic is hard and weak quality, you need to use more temperature and when the upvc profile has an good quality you need lower temperatures.

The plastic lead which comes outside during the welding process you can clean by hand our with an automatic machine. Hereby we recommend the 2KT002 Corner Cleaning Machine.

Baertec Machine can support you from the beginning for your upvc windows project cost.

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