What is the best cutting machine

On of the best metal cutting saw are machines which are working with stone saw. Here Baertec is recommending the TTM 350 metal cutting saw machine with an stone blade. When you’re slicing steel rebar, the resounding clang of metal hitting the floor of your garage might as well be a carnival-game winner’s bell. Steel is hard on of the hardest material in the world. You could use a hacksaw, an angle grinder, or even a torch to cut it, but an abrasive stone saw is a better choice: Because it uses an abrasive disc instead of a saw blade, it has no teeth to get stuck and can plow through rebar, cast iron, steel pipe, or chunky angle stock. One negative effect of this machine is the stone blade can brake during the cutting process, so it is always recommeded to glasses for protection, but not only specially for this machine for all machine. With one of these saws, you could cut yourself a mailbox post—or you could build an entire hot rod. We gathered five 18-inch chop saws, mounted an industrial-grade Norton Gemini Rapid Cut abrasive wheel on each, and chopped through stacks of steel studs and a pile of 1/8-inch-wall steel tubing. Sparks flew. Steel fell. And a winner emerged. Of course Baertec Machine, because Baertec is manufacturing scince 1973 machines for the international market.


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