In 1973 Baertec Machinery took its place in Bursa Industry by producing Aluminium and Pvc & Metal Processing Machinery.
BAERTEC Window Door Pvc Profile Processing Machinery
In 1973 Baertec Machinery took its place in Bursa Industry by producing aluminium and Pvc & Metal Processing machinery. Then in 1989 Baertec Machinery continued its production with PVC and Aluminium processing machines among advanced manufacturer companies in Bursa Beşevler in 500m2 closed area. By the increase of demand in the market, everyday the company improved and started manufacturing more and different types products. And 2002 company moved to Nilüfer Organize Sanayi Bölgesi and continues production in 3000 m2 production area.

In internal market Baertec Machine proved its profession in producing PVC and aluminium machines, continously developed its production capacity through exporting machines to 30 different countries. As a principle our company aims selling the most qualified products to customers.

To reach high quality Baertec Machinery speed up research and development studies. As a result of R&D studies our company added vertical and horizontal CNC operated machines to the production profile. The machines under our production meet CE marking regulations and ready to present to our customers in our country and also in foreign countries.

The studies started for ISO 9001 quality assurance preparation and in 2006 our company started to produce band saw machines by this way we also entered to metal industry. Our aim is to continue company's esteemed image under globalizing world conditions by consistently improving and renovating company structure.