• Vertikale Plattensäge

  • Vertikale Plattensäge


BAERTEC panel grooving and cutting machine is capable of the two functions of grooving and cutting, and capable of horizontal and vertical cutting with safety positioning. The overall aluminum composite panel milling machine is of superior rigidity, with stable cutting and without vibration trace,
Aluminium Composite Panels Cutting and Grooving Machines can be used for aluminium panels which are widely used in facade works and advertising industry
The aluminum panel grooving and cutting machine uses special imported hard alloy blades and tools, featuring superb high-speed balance performance,
The cutting head of this aluminum composite panel cutting machine realizes the horizontal and vertical cutting or grooving. It's of easy adjusting, accurate positioning, flexible operating and stability.

Technical Features

  • Main Motor Rating: 3KW (Option: 4kw & 5,5kw)
  • Mains Connection: 3*380V/50Hz (Option: 3*220V/60Hz)
  • Engine Speed: 3000rpm
  • Main Blade Speed: 5800rpm
  • Grooving Blade Speed: 5800rpm
  • Cutting Thickness: 0-20mm Between
  • Vertical Cutting Size: 2000mm*4000mm
  • Horizontal Cutting Size: 1850mm*4000mm
  • Blade Specifications:
  • Cutting Blade: Ø230*30*2,8mm – Z62
  • Grooving Blade: Ø200*30*2,0mm – Z10 (Diamond Tip)
  • Machine Dimensions(W*H*D):5000mm*2800mm*1150mm
  • Dimensions Shipping(W*H*D): 5000mm*2500mm*1350mm
  • Weight: 650kg
  • Dust Extraction System: Integrated
  • Bottom Support: Metal Wheels
  • Movable Supports: Automatic
  • Digital Readout
  • Automatic Lock System


VIDEOS Composite Panel Cutting and Grooving Machine