In 1973 Baertec Machinery took their place in Bursa industrial market by production of Aluminium and PVC & Metal processing machinery. In 1989 Baertec Machinery added PVC and Aluminium processing machinery to their production line at their 500 m2 facility in Bursa Besevler and this took Baertec ahead of many other existing manufacturers. By the increase of demand in market, company expanded with manufacturing more and different types of products and moved to their new facility at Nilufer Organize Sanayi Bolgesi in 2002 to provide service in a 3000 m2 production area. In 2006 the company started production of band saw machines and this led them into metal industry.

In local market, Baertec Machinery proved their in production of PVC and Aluminium processing machines, continously developed their manufacturing capacity and started exporting the products to 30 different countries.

Supplying products with the highest quality has became our prior principle and it is appreciated by our valued clients worldwide. To achive this quality, we have maximized our research and development studies and rised up our investments in it. As a result of this R&D process, we added vertical and horizontal CNC operated machines to our production profile.

All Baertec products meet CE standards and are ready to be delivered to our clients in any country. Baertec has ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate and practices the quality standard in all departments and manufacturing operation through regular quality controls.