Upvc window machine business plan


Upvc window machine business plan

Upvc window machine business plan from Baertec Machine offers his customers different plans to start with upvc window manufacturing. Portable upvc window machines or single head upvc window machine plans or double head window machine plans or CNC full automatic machining centers are available by Baertec Machine. We recommend for hobby manufacturers our portable cutting machine and portable welding machines to manufacture upvc windows. A basic plan is the upvc single head window machines to manufacture 40-60 pieces of upvc windows in one day.

If you want to manufacture 80-100 upvc windows in one day it is recommended to purchaching double head processing machine like a upvc profile double head cutting and a upvc profile double head welding machine for upvc window manufacturing. Professional companies are chossing our CNC corner cleaning and 4 head welding lines with a full automatic line.

Our Baertec service team is given first installing service and training service for our business plan for free without any extra payment. That will allows your business to handle with the machines in the right way. Our machines are manufactured by our Baertec Enginners to handle it easy with an easy plug and install process, but it is recommended to use aluminium corner crimping machines by professional operators which has experience on this field and if needed we can help you also on this matter by giving a training for your staff in our factory.


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