Best Upvc Door Window making Machine in India

High Quality CNC Fully Automatic Double Head Cutting Machine

Application :  use for cutting corners of PVC  and aluminium profiles

  • Used for cutting the profile of aluminium door and home windows ,curtain wall and corner connector.
  • Feeding system adopts the imported linear manual pair, with high accuracy and balance.
  • Heads are adjustable and cut the profiles in 45°,90° degree.
  • Imported linear guiding pair ensures steady processing accuracy. 
  • Imported linear guiding pair ensures steady processing accuracy.
  • Saw blade rotates smoothly due to high accurate main spindle.
  • Uniform feeding and smooth movement due to air hydraulic damping cylinder.

Automatic double head welding machine

Application :  use for welding corners of PVC profiles

  • Complete automatic System.
  • Simplified panel saves time
  • High sturdiness of a welding seam
  • welding head on left side is move from 30 ° to 180 ° .
  • unique blades for welding seal (welding seal thickness from 2 mm. to zero,2 mm.)
  • most length of a welded profile – 3500 mm
  • minimal size of a welded profile – 330 mm
  • p.c controller with the aid of Korea.
  • heating detail shown in display.
  • output of heating element temperature on display.
  • adjustable supporting arms for profiles.
  • adjustment of heating temperature, welding time and pressure shown on display.
  • precise care has been taken over the safety measures, each mechanical and electric.
  • energy deliver protects device from voltage overload

Copy router with triple drill for aluminium profiles

Application : milling lock , drilling , vertical copying, router (milling) and drilling  with holes, hardware channels, lock holes on pvc & aluminium profiles.

  • Drilling and Routing all uPVC & Aluminium profile without turning profile because of long work table.
  • drilling & milling both method.
  • without difficulty adjustable routing depth.


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