Double head mitre saw for aluminium profiles


Double head mitre saw for aluminium

The double head mitre saw for aluminium from Baertec is a very special machine with the highest quality standarts, which makes the double head mitre saw for aluminium profiles very special. The machine body with 4 metre or 6 metre length goes trough a very special manufacturing process with a CNC milling and drilling process, which allows no problems. Comptetion companies has no capacity to make this manufacturing process, so the quality will be not as the same as Baertec machines. Bearing systems will damaged in a shorter time and cutting lengths of the aluminium profiles will be wrong. By Baertec Machine we are making the investment always in the machine quality, scince 1973 as the first turkish machine manufacturer in Turkey we was focused always how we can increas the machine quality for our customers. A lot of people has no machine quality experience, after living serious problems with there machines they understand that they maked a mistake and that they has choosed a wrong company for buying the machines. Not only the design or wrong informations regarding the machines are importent, machine manufacturing is a serious job. Aluminium cutting machines with 2 years guarantee.

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