Aluminium profile cutting and drilling machine in England London Aluminum exchange

aluminium profile cutting and drilling machine

Baertec Machines can cut and drill aluminium profiles spezialized for the requirement of the professional manufacturer of the United Kinkdom. Security and highest precision with the highest quality of machine parts are used for friendly used machines. Two hand operation systems and a clamp query for the aluminium profiles are used to fix the aluminium profiles on the machine table. Vertical and horizontal clamps can pressure the material via 6 bar pressure on the machine table. High quality do not need always high prices, here Baertec is offering his customers scince 1973 fair prices for high quality. Professional aluminium worker always choose  Baertec Machines, because they can see and understand the difference of other machines and Baertec Machines. Here we want to stay different then other competitor companies, because Baertec Machine is the first pvc and aluminium processing machine manufacturer in Turkey. Many companies have always copied our Baertec technology and we are proud to have pioneered our contribution to this world and the machine sector. Learn the difference of Baertec by contactig one Baertec Sales Managers, we look forward to seeing you.

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