Upvc window corner cleaning machine


Upvc window corner cleaning machine

Upvc window corner cleaning machine for window door corner and surface cleaning process after the welding process. The upvc window corner cleaning machines can be used with 2 cutters or 4 cutters or 8 cutters or with an CNC upvc window corner cleaning machine full automatic and with 11 units and cleaning processes. The automatic upvc window corner cleaning machine with 2, 4 or 8 cutters and 2 upside and downside surface cleaning knifes are working automatic. After putting the pvc window profiles corner on the machine the cleaning process is starting full automatic. A plc control unit is available to choose the different cutters for the different models of pvc profiles.

It is possible to use 60 mm or 70 mm and 80 mm upvc profile series on the machines. The model 2KT002-L and 2KT002-XL is an special version for large upvc profiles, upvc window profiles with an highness of 180 mm are no problem for the 2KT002-XL. For the spain market we have also on 2KT002-S special version for extreme heavy duty cutters without any vibration during the upvc profile cleaning process.


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